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Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Lines (ADSL) are a cost-effective fixed line solution for reliable internet access. They are called asymmetrical because your download speed is higher than your upload speed. These types of connections are well suited to your regular internet uses -  including emailing, browsing, watching videos and social media. VDSL stands for Very-high-bit-rate Digital Subscriber Line, and delivers a much faster experience. VDSL is ideal for handling both high demand web services like HD streaming, and tasks like VoIP over a single connection. VDSL has only been made available to a small number of locations but is growing as existing infrastructure is upgraded.


Sometimes the simple things in life are the best. Our Capped DSL is exactly that: simple, straightforward and superb. You get Premium unshaped broadband, and you always get what you paid for. Our Capped DSL accepts up to 5 concurrent connections, all of which can connect to the internet at the highest speed your line can go. Which means that everyone gets maximum line performance for their browsing, streaming, gaming and everything else. Just logon and go nuts.

Valued services

  • Free Gig Service
  • 3 Month Rollover
  • DNS Suite
  • Static IP




Feel the unlimited awesomeness of Uncapped, unmetered broadband, designed to fit your needs (and your wallet). With Uncapped Internet you never have to watch what you consume - it's all-you-can-eat style web surfing, and you can download as much data as you'd like without ever having to pay a cent more. Our Uncapped is never throttled, and based on fair use policy, which means you always get full speed browsing, gaming, streaming and more.