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POP3 Accounts

Get an email address that is accessible from anywhere in the world, even on the go! POP3/ Webmail is widely supported by ISPs, email providers and features no storage limits, speedy rendering and personalised domains. It's the go-to solution for non-business essential mail.


Hosted Exchange (MS Exchange 2016)

Your business might still be "small to medium" but your commitments, professionalism and aspirations are not. 3Gi's Hosted Exchange is a business-class email messaging and collaboration service (Microsoft hosted email server) that offers the benefits of big solutions on a simple, manageable cost basis, so you can get more done. Hosted Exchange lets you share and collaborate smoothly, sending mail, contacts, folders and calendars, assigning tasks and creating events. Not only is it available around the clock, it lets you sync mobile devices so your staff can stay connected wherever they are. Plus, security and support come standard.


Office 365 Essentials

Microsoft Office 365 enables employees to collaborate easily with team members on specific projects, find organisation resources, manage content and share ideas all within a single inegrated system.