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Consumer ADSL



ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) is an access medium that provides the user with a broadband connection to Telkom's data network. Services offered over Telkom's ADSL service called "Fast DSL Up to 384kbps, Faster DSL Up to 512kbps and Fastest DSL Up to 4096Kbps" offers a high speed, flat rated connection to 3Gi Services. Telkom does not guarantee any throughput speeds on DSL access. DSL operates over the same pair of copper wires that is used for telephone service, and is provided only in conjunction with a telephone service. You can make and receive calls or send a fax and surf the Internet at the same time. You will not be billed for your connection time when you make use of any of the Telkom DSL services.


Fast 384K" - Profile should be:
Down stream: max 384kbps
Up stream: max 128kbps

Faster 512K - Profile should be:
Down stream: max 512kbps
Up stream: max 256kbps

Fastest 4096 - Profile should be:
Down stream: max 4096kbps
Up stream: max 640kbps

Fastest 10240 - Profile should be:
Down stream: max 10240kbps
Up stream: max 1024kbps



Capped ADSL
Uncapped ADSL