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Monthly Top Up data contracts

If you are a prepaid or contract customer and would like to make use of low cost data, whilst capping the costs of your monthly data bill then this is for you. The Top UP Data bundles from 3Gi are ideal if you have an idea of how much you want to spend on data as well as how much data you need. These bundles have been designed to reduce the cost of data usage provided you stay within the bundle limits.

In response to changing market conditions and customer demand, 3Gi has signed with Networks likes of Vodacom and Telkom for data packages at network rates, and further savings on top up of data via 3Gi.

Not only will we be doing Data, but voice and SMS bundles as well.

How does it work?
The data bundle has a pre-set monthly rate determined by you, once that data bundle has been depleted, you can top up that data bundle at any time, via EFT to 3GI or pre purchase vouchers, and these data bundles do carry over to the last day of the next month. This way you ALWAYS guarantee of the lowest data bundle prices.

What can I use 3Gi data Bundles for?
3Gi data bundles are ideal for customers who have notebooks, iPads or tablets and need to have internet access on the go. Imagine yourself NOT having to pay OUT of BUNDLE rates that can run up to R1.50 per MB that could end up costing you a small fortune each month.

The benefit of 3Gi Top Up accounts are having the flexibility to add additional data bundles when you need more, without paying any premium what so ever on  additional data.

What does this service offer me?
This service are a month to month service, once you decided to change network, just change your simcard, no lengthy contracts, no lock in long term data rates.

When the network has a promo or special on their data, you will have it immediately.

3Gi offers the subscriber a means of reducing the cost of mobile data, and also let you have control over the cost of your data usage.

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