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Fax to Mail Service

Technology has advanced so much it’s no longer necessary to own a physical fax machine


It’s costly, needs to be maintained and is fast becoming a white elephant. It’s time to move into the realm of virtual faxing. Imagine being able to manage all of your incoming and outgoing faxes electronically. 3Gi eFax is convenient, time-efficient, paperless and there are no confidentiality issues – all faxes can be sent to and from your inbox and you're no longer limited to a clunky fax machine. 3Gi eFax doesn't require hardware.

The savings are endless when you move to 3Gi eFax. Check out the table below for a direct comparison of costs between a normal service provider, and the 3Gi eFax Offering.


You save with 3Gi eFAX



Hardware/ Telephone Service Provider (SP)
3Gi eFax Offering

Fax Machine




R300 pm



R100 pm


Telephone SP line

R198 pm

Inbound: FREE
Outbound, Email to Fax: R15 minimum fee per month (Usage will be offset against the R15)

Receive faxes anywhere

Fax machine required R1 800

No fax machine required.


Where to start

Setting up your fax number is simple. Sign up for your free fax number and then decide if it’s one or all three of the options that will best suit your needs. View the different options by clicking on each tab.

You win all round

You’ll never be without your mission critical fax service. You’ll also benefit from immediate real-time tracking and notification, so you’ll have the comfort and security of knowing your fax transmissions have been successful.


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