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Inbound Fax to Email - FREE

Once you’ve signed up for your free fax number, you can start receiving all of your faxes straight to your email inbox.


Great benefits


  • Set-up of 3Gi eFax solution is totally FREE of charge.  It utilises your existing investment in email and internet infrastructure, systems and software.
  • Do not waste time leaving your desk and walking to the fax machine room
  • No need to wait for the faxes to go through
  • No need for printouts unless necessary – inbound and outbound emails are saved in digital format
  • No need to spend your budget on buying and maintaining a fax machine
  • No need to install the drivers that many traditional fax servers require
  • No need for extra telephone lines
  • You may allocate as many unique 086 fax numbers as you need at no extra cost. Users receive unlimited incoming faxes directly to their email, wherever they choose to receive emails, quickly and easily.
  • Faxes remain confidential as they are delivered directly to the inbox of the intended recipient as a PDF file allowing faxes to be managed as easily as emails.
  • Your unique 086 fax numbers are allocated for life and remain unchanged should the company move to another suburb, city or province;and Even if your e-mail addresses change.
  • The intuitive Administrator interface offers the simplicity vital to ensure successful adoption and use by staff.  No support and maintenance staff are needed
  • Faxes remain confidential and secure


Productivity & Efficiency


  • 3Gi eFax solution helps to give improved insight into document management.  By automating the repetitive business process of faxing, our solution ensures that these tasks are completed as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.
  • Faxed documents can be forwarded via email. They can be tracked and controlled leading to an improved flow of information and increased staff productivity
  • As faxes are delivered directly to staff’s email inbox, the time wasted by employees to and fro collecting received faxes, will be eliminated, helping to maximise staff output.
  • Get your fax on your smartphone, as most smartphones these days receipt and sending email, you will receipt your fax where you are, going back to the office to read the fax contract no longer apply


How to sign up


  1. Click here to complete the quick and easy registration form.
  2. You will immediately be allocated your unique 086 fax number.
  3. Distribute this number to your contact list.
  4. Start receiving faxes in your inbox!