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Email Policy

Email SMTP Server Policy:

  • The end user can only send to a maximum of 100 recipients per mail message, this includes To:, Cc: and Bcc:.
  • The size limitation is 100 Mega Bytes per message.
  • Relaying is only allowed from 3Gi DSL IP ranges.
  • The sender and recipient domains must be a Fully Qualified Domain Name and be a valid resolvable DNS domain.
  • Max 7 Concurrent connections per server. Total concurrent connections -> 28
  • No sender From: addresses from free mail services, i.e. Yahoo, Hotmail, GMail, etc are accepted.
  • Testing for open relays on the 3Gi DSL user IP space and blocking access to these abusers.
  • Blacklisting and block ip's identifying themselves as one of the smtp servers.
  • Blacklist ip's sending mail to known spam traps for a minimum of 1 hour.
  • Manual process of blacklisting domains and/or sender addresses due to abuse complaints being logged.
  • Rate limiting incoming mail from client connections to 50 recipients max per minute.
  • Rate limiting incoming connections from client connections to 7 per unique ip on each server.
  • Reject any mail that has more than 50 MIME parts.
  • Reject any mail considered to be malware infected.
  • Reject any mail looking like spam.