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Terms and Conditions



The Service

1.1 This Service is intended to be used as a second telephone facility. It should under no circumstances be construed to be, or used as a primary telephone service, and 3Gi takes no representations in this regard.
1.2 You are required to have the following in place in order to access and make use of the Service:
1.2.1 Suitable connectivity (3Gi only recommends ADSL or leased line connectivity); and
1.2.2 The necessary VoIP Device(s) to make use of the Service.
1.3 VoIP Numbers:
1.3.1 The allocation of a number is made subject to the relevant terms and conditions of use imposed by the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA).
1.3.2 3Gi cannot guarantee the provision of any specific number/s to you and although it shall use its reasonable endeavours to provide sequential numbers, if requested, 3Gi cannot guarantee that it shall be able to do so.
1.3.3 Subject to the provisions of clause 1.3.2 any number/s supplied to you is/are supplied to you for the purpose of use in terms of the Service and whilst such number is personal to you for the duration of 3Gi provision of the Service to you, you shall never become the owner of such number. Accordingly you may not sell, lease, transfer, assign or otherwise alienate your rights in respect of such number/s, contrary to the provisions of these Service terms and the use thereof shall only be for the duration of 3Gi provision of the Service to you.
1.3.4 If the Service is suspended by 3Gi in terms of the Standard Terms and Conditions or as a result of a breach by you of the Agreement, 3Gi cannot guarantee that the same number/s allocated previously would be allocated to you again.
1.3.5 3Gi does not make any representation of whatever nature that the number allocated to you will be reachable from Telkom’s network or from any other telecommunication platforms. 3Gi shall however use its reasonable endeavours to ensure that the number allocated to you will be reachable by other users of the Service or related Services, but cannot supply any guarantees in this regard.
1.3.6 3Gi shall not be liable for any loss, damage, costs or expense of whatever nature arising from such change of number(s) or unavailability of numbers or the Service.
1.4 The Service is personal to you and is linked with your Account. You may not resell or transfer the Service without our prior written consent.
1.5 You shall use the Service for lawful purposes only.
1.6 The Service operates on the basis of a fair usage policy, which is designed to ensure that the minutes available to the vast majority of our customers are not negatively impacted because of excessive usage by other customers. 3Gi continuously monitors usage patterns and may restrict the service to very heavy users
1.7 The quality of the Service depends on various factors, including your location, line quality, Internet traffic, fluctuations in the internet, your underlying internet service, service outages etc. We accordingly do not guarantee, warrant or represent the quality of the calls or the clarity of voice.
1.8 The Service will not function during an electrical power or broadband outage.
1.9 The Service may not be compatible with certain internet services.
    The Service may be impaired when you upload or download data using the connectivity over which the Service is used, at the same time as making or receiving a call.
1.11 3Gi specifically does not guarantee, warrant or represent that:
1.11.1 Our rates are cheaper than normal PTSN calls;
1.11.2 Should you use an emergency services number that it will operate correctly and/or that your location will be ascertainable based on your number; or
1.11.3 All local or international telephone numbers can be called.



2.1 The charges payable for the Service are displayed on the Service Website. Rates per minute vary according to the destination which is called.
2.2 Each account shall be limited to a monthly PrePaid. Once this monthly spend limit is reached, no further chargeable calls will be permitted via the Service until the PrePaid amount has been restored by EFT. The Service shall however continue to operate in terms of receiving calls and allowing the use of free calls to other users of the Service.
2.3 The monthly spend limit may be increased at the request of Client to any value, however Client will be required to pay to 3Gi a deposit equal to the required monthly spend limit amount. This deposit shall be kept by 3Gi until the account is terminated and refunded to Client subject to clause 3.3 below.
2.4 3GI reserves the right to adjust service charges at their sole discretion. Existing subscribers will receive one month’s notice relating to price adjustments.
2.5 It is the policy of 3GI to provide subscription only on the basis of a debit order on a bank account.
2.6 Returned Direct Debit transfers will be subject to a R75 handling fee.
2.7 3Gi reserves the right to withhold access for overdue accounts, while the subscriber shall continue to be liable for the service until the conditions of notice of termination are fulfilled.


Duration and Termination

3.1 Upon termination of this Agreement, any outstanding amounts will be due and payable within 30 (thirty) days of termination.
3.2 Should you wish to migrate to another 3Gi VoIP service, it will be considered a termination of this Service and accordingly you will first need to settle all outstanding amounts herein before you can be migrated.
3.3 Should payment not be received in accordance with clause 3.1 above, the amount outstanding shall be deducted from the deposit where such deposit has been paid to 3Gi in connection with the use of the Service.
3.4 Where a deposit has been paid to 3Gi in connection with the use of the Service, such deposit shall be refunded to Client within 30 (thirty) days of termination, subject to 3.3 above.
3.5 Cancellation of a subscription does not release the account holder from paying any and all amounts due to 3Gi at the time of cancellation.
3.6 Cancellation of a subscription does not release the account holder from paying any and all amounts due to 3Gi at the time of cancellation.