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About Us

3Gi is a leading Internet Solution Provider who has been supplying all areas of Internet initiatives on a commercial basis since 1997. Our focus extends beyond basic Internet services, with a particular emphasis on providing Virtual Private Network (VPN) and e-commerce services to SME customers. Other services include SME user dial-up, Office connectivity, Web site design, Web site development and Internet security.

With the advent of the Internet, the cost of running a large integrated enterprise system has been reduced dramatically. Companies are changing the way they do business because of the enormous opportunities the Internet presents. 3Gi's key strengths are enabling you to unleash the power of those opportunities by providing a high-speed and reliable connection with exceptional service. We take pride in implementing the latest technology and equipment, and in maintaining a dedicated support team for your technical requirements.

Allow us to transport you, with confidence and expertise, into the world of digital information-based business.

3Gi is a subsidiary of B&D System Engineers, an Information Technology company that provides a wide range of technology and communication services. B&D System Engineers with its three business divisions offers a total IT solution to the SME and Corporate markets.

Technical Infrastructure and Support

3Gi with its networking partner, Internet Solutions, has a sophisticated network infrastructure that is constantly monitored and maintained by our Technical team. State-of-the-art technology and vision ensure that we provide a secure and reliable backbone, with maximum uptime and accurate bandwidth usage statistics, enabling us to upgrade our bandwidth well ahead of customer requirements. Corporate customers with complex support needs are catered for through our Service Level Agreement, which can be tailor-made to individual company specifications.