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5 Vital Tips to Protect your Children from the Internet

The internet is evolving at an alarming pace. As of December 2018, there are 4.1 billion Internet users in the world, more than half of the global population! It’s safe to say that some of those users hold harmful intentions, which is why it is imperative to protect your children from their reach.

Talking to your children about internet safety is a start but it is not enough. Children are curious by nature and can be easily distracted by all the wonders of the online world. Here are some essential tips to guard your children against harm, online:

Google Family Link
Probably the best option right now. Regardless of age, the Family Link app allows you to control and monitor your children’s online activity. Set digital rules on your devices and internet applications to help guide their experiences.

Google Family Link offers the following features, amongst others:

Monitor their activity – see how much time they spend on specific apps and what their time goes.
Manage their apps – get notified when your child tries to download an app from the Google Play Store and block or approve their choices. Help manage in-app purchases or simply hide apps that you don’t want them to see.
Educational content – Family Links guides you towards teacher-recommended educational apps.
Set time limits – Set time limits and nighttime viewing restrictions for their device.
Lock their device – restrict their device usage whenever you feel they are abusing the time.
Find your child – Family Link helps you locate your child as long as they are with their device.

For more information about Family Link click here

YouTube Kids
Approximately 400 hours of video are uploaded onto YouTube every minute. Many of these videos can be seen as harmful to your children and YouTube Kids easy to use App gives you parental control for your children’s viewing experience. This app will only recommend family-friendly videos ranging from educational to cool and fun.
To view more information and parent reviews, visit the Google Play Store

Kiddle is a Google Search alternative for kids and provides harmless kids websites, images, and video searches from any device. The results shown are overseen by Kiddle editors. Simply go to their website here

Social Media Restrictions
Your child most likely uses Social Media on a daily basis. Sharing photos and videos of their activities without knowing who is able to view it can attract the wrong type of people. Luckily, most of the modern Social Media apps have the ability to set privacy settings. Here are some helpful guides on the most popular Social Medias privacy settings:


Additionally, you can go the extra mile and install a VPN (Virtual Private Network) that will hide your IP address and therefore locations. While there are free versions, it’s always recommended to compare the most popular ones:

Gaming Consoles Restrictions

As a parent, video games bring up a lot of questions regarding safety and security. You want to know what games are being played, if they are appropriate and who is playing with your children. Most parents have already covered the basics with never giving out your personal information, such as names and addresses, and if you haven’t then that is the place to start! Here are some helpful guides on the most popular gaming consoles:  

Regardless of the console version, the settings are usually the same. Simply go to the Settings menu from the console and select Parental Controls. Next click on Family Management and select PS4 System Restrictions. If you need to place a password, ty the default of 0000 (four zeroes) and make sure to change it so you are the only one with access.

Set which games your children are allowed to play by their age and levels provided, the lower the level will mean stricter control. Age restrictions can also be placed on the movies and tv shows, via DVD and Blu-Ray, as well as the PlayStations internet browser via the web filters.

Lastly, you can set the amount of time your children are allowed to play each day. If you have more than one child then you should set up a user profile for each person, under the Family Management option. There are many options you can choose to disable, such as videos, text, messages and PlayStation Store content.

For more information please visit their website here

Setting up restrictions on an Xbox requires you to be the administrator for that account and console. You will need to set up accounts for everyone that uses the Xbox and set up restrictions accordingly. Simply go to Account > Family Settings > Manage Family members to create the accounts. Set the permissions on each account under the Privacy & Online Safety tab within the account and define the restrictions for any online activity, either using the internet web browser or Xbox Live. Xbox Live will give you to the option to choose between child, teen and adult defaults for each user.

Utilize the Activity Report for your children, where they can view their gaming activity and restrictions placed by parents. Children can request to extend their gaming time which you can approve or decline. For more information please visit their website here

If you would like more detailed information or simply have any questions, feel free to send me an email on Alternatively, if you would like to see 3Gi Internet Services connectivity deals then please go here:

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