8 simple ways to save water at home – South Africa

8 simple ways to save water at home – South Africa

The City of Johannesburg scheduled maintenance for the installation of a large valve, which will result in a major pipeline being shut down. While we may not experience a complete water shut down, residents are still urged to use water sparingly due to the limited amount of water in the reservoirs.   

As many of you know, last year the City of Cape Town had implemented high-level water restrictions due to some serious water shortages. A large number of residents and communities were affected by these shortages, some still suffering the consequence to this day.

So, it is imperative to raise awareness on how we can all save water from our homes. Even if you haven’t experienced any water shortages in your area, the below tips will not only help us but also future generations.

Here are 8 easy tips on how you can save water from your home and help prevent the possible water shortages in Gauteng:

1. Reduce your shower time
Many of us use the shower time to do our best thinking (proof) and relaxing. However, many of us don’t know that reducing your shower time to just 5 minutes or less can save up to 21 000 litres of water a year!

2. Fix leaks!
A leak in a pipe or a dripping tap can waste tens of thousands of litres of water a year, so be sure to check and fix every leak that you find. Also, teaching your kids how to tightly close the tap wherever they go helps a lot.

3. Brush your teeth with the tap off
By switching off the tap or shower when you brush your teeth, you save up to 6 litres of water per minute. The same goes for shaving.

4. Using grey water
Grey water is pretty much any used water in your household apart from toilets. Its relatively clean water and usually comes from your baths, sinks, washing machines, showers, and other kitchen and bathroom appliances. Grey water can be used to water your plants and flush your toilets.

5. Water your Garden at night or early morning
The sun evaporates water pretty quickly and this causes you to use more for your plants. By watering your garden at night or early morning you can save up to 100 litres of water each time. Additionally, you can use the time to wash your car, outdoor furniture or pets.

6. Recycling
Not only does it help the environment but by recycling plastics from your home, you are reducing the need for companies to produce more. Less plastic production equals to less water used for said production.

7. Water meter
Having a water meter helps you see how much water your household uses on a daily basis and how much you are spending per month. This can motivate you to waste less water and therefore save more money.

8. Wash clothes and dishes when the load is full
Unless you absolutely have to, try not to wash your clothes and dishes when there is only half a load. Be sure to fill up your washing machine and dishwasher before washing.

While these are my top 8 tips and ways to save water, there are many more ways that could specifically work for your household. Be sure to monitor your water usage and see where you could save and improve. Not only does it save water but also the costs that come with it. Also, educating your peers and children with what you have learned goes a really long way.