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Egnyte – the no.1 file sharing platform for businesses


Internet security is a main component of any modern business, regardless of size. Working online holds many cyber risks and with technology improving every day it is crucial to provide and work in a safe workplace. For this reason, secure tools and applications are used by businesses and employers to keep a safe environment. Engyte, a recognized partner for secure and reliable file sharing, is currently the top-rated platform for secure file sharing and is used by many of the prominent brands around the world.

Egnyte is one of the few highly secure file-sharing platforms that was built specifically for businesses and boasts very high standards in terms of reliability and performance. Users can safely store and share files on the cloud or on-premise while having the ability to sync between the two, with no restrictions on locations and devices.

The most important part of any file sharing platform is security and Egnyte knows just how to do it. By enforcing strict security policies and meeting global industry data regulations and standards, it is no wonder why Egynte is known for their stringent security procedures. Your data and intellectual property are completely protected and you have full data visibility. Egnyte is HIPPA and GDPR compliant and can completely scan your documents for sensitive information. Additionally, using admin privileges, a superior can invoke higher level security policies and permissions to further protect your files and employees. External file sharing can also be safely done through content permissions.

A breach within your company can have more problems than just the risk of financial loss. Below is a part of an infographic from Egnyte depicting the additional risks involved:

The Impact of a Breach

The following key features are experienced when using Egnyte:

Share and Collaborate

Share and discuss important documents and files through secure email links, allowing team members and business partners to safely access, download and edit files.

Retrieve vital information

Using the Egnyte Upload Link feature, users can safely request private and important information from various parties. Uploaded files are organized into secure subfolders, therefore, keeping the information confidential and private.

Any device and location

Collaborate from anywhere and from any device with the Egnyte mobile application. Users can access and share files from an Android, iOS or Windows device, regardless of location. This feature is perfect for users who often travel while dealing with sensitive information.

Secure files

The Egnyte Storage Connect features allows users to remotely access, edit and share on-premise sensitive information with password protected links. This means that no file goes through the cloud and remains in the same place.

Monitor and control

Managers and administrators have the ability to optimize and control procedures for their team, allowing them to gain insights and analytics on company usage patterns. This features allows admins to have control over how company employees share and access files.


Egnyte allows you to integrate many popular tools and apps from trusted partners such as Microsoft (Office 365 + Teams), Google Apps, DocuSign, Salesforce and more. All integrations and add-ons can be found here:

Activity Stream

This features keeps you up to date on what is happening within the folders you are working on. Activity stream updates on any recent file actions such as comments, uploads and changes.

Premium Support

New and existing users can explore multiple sources of useful information to help better understand and use Egnyte. Utilize the many resources such as live training, infographics, demos, webinars, whitepapers, e-books and more. Immerse yourself even further by joining the Egnyte Community and University!

As many of us are aware, data is quickly becoming the worlds most valuable commodity and, therefore, the security of data is paramount in virtually any business. If you are a business owner then you should be asking yourself if you have done enough to protect your data and intellectual property.

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