What to watch on Netflix South Africa – September 2019

Winter might be over but the stream of tantalizing tv shows and movies definitely isn’t! I hope everyone enjoyed the previous recommendations on what to watch on Netflix. If not, here you go.

Since the last blog post, Netflix has been busy pumping out some really interesting titles and there is simply not enough time to try out everything. Reading critics reviews and website scoring is clearly not the way to go, as seen from Dave Chappelle’s latest stand up special, Sticks & Stones, where Rotten Tomatoes displayed the critic review score of 0% and a user review score of 99%. Therefore, coming from humble users such as yourselves, here are our latest top 10 recommendations, in no particular order:

1. Stranger Things | IMDB 8.8

2. Better Call Saul | IMDB 8.7

3. Mindhunters | IMDB 8.6

3. Dark | IMDB 8.7

4. Ozark | IMDB 8.3

5.  Money Heist | IMDB 8.6 

6.  The Spy | IMDB 7.7

7. Dave Chappelle: Sticks & Stones | IMDB 8.6

8. 13 Reasons Why | IMDB 7.8

9. Sex Education | IMDB 8.3

10. Glow | IMDB 8.0

This above list has many different genres to suit your mood, all binge-worthy and highly acclaimed. The 3Gi team has successfully tested all of the above mentions and will be spending the next few weekends at home! Watch out for our next update, coming soon.

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