Why Dell Technologies is the World’s Most Ethical company!

Last week Thursday, Dell hosted their yearly Technology Forum events and it was mind-blowing! From showcasing the latest computing technology to helping the environment, Dell Technologies showed us their innovation towards driving the future of human progress.

Upon entry, you are welcomed with warm smiles and a bag of promotional goodies which includes a carton of water and a power bank, amongst other interesting materials. Once you are inside, you start the slow walk around all the promotional stands where you are greeted by even more goodies, ranging from cool phone gadgets to laptop camera covers. Each stand is accompanied by a company representative who gladly explains their latest product offerings and leading-edge solutions.

Soon enough everyone is settled for the Welcome Message by 702’s talk show host Aki Anastasiou, who often discusses the latest developments in the world of technology. Next was the Social Involvement discussion by Douglas Woolley, Dells VP Sale & GM for South Africa, followed by Dell Technologies Keynote speaker, Patricia Florissi, Dells Vice President and Global CTO of Sales. The above three speakers captured the audience with their inspiring talks that touched over important social and business aspects.

Dell Technologies is recognized as one of the World’s Most Ethical Companies five years in a row and the forum showed us how. Some of the most interesting elements that Dell promises or has achieved are:

– To reduce ALL plastic waste by 2020
– 95% less water used by high tech vertical farms
– $30 million donated to improve pediatric cancer treatments
– Reduced energy in their products by 65% since 2011
– ReStart Program (link), that helps women get back into their career after an extended break
 EMC Training and Certificates
– Dell Transformation, the goal of using digital technologies to provide better outcomes and experiences for their customers    
– 3D printing to transform prosthetics for kids and families
– Strict environmental, worker and business policies

It is clear that Dell is adamant on making a change and shaping the future for how business in technology should be done. From advancing sustainability to transferring lives with technology, Dell Technologies is transforming the way big businesses should operate and what should be prioritized in the modern world. I highly recommend reading up on their latest company social impact and all that it encompasses. Link

To conclude, a huge congratulations from us, the 3Gi Internet Services team, on an amazing forum. Dell Technologies has inspired us to continue and improve our own social development and community upbringing. Watch this space for more information.

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