No LTE or Fibre coverage in your area?
Wireless Fibre is for you!


Using the latest Fixed Wireless Broadband technologies and backed by our fibre backbone, 
we can offer TRUE UNCAPPED and UNSHAPED internet!


519 Monthly
  • Best Effort Service​
  • Up to 3 Business Days Response Time​
  • 1st Level Helpdesk Support​
  • 1:5 Contention​
  • High Fair Use Limits​
  • Upload Speed 10% of Download Speed​
  • PtMP / Asynchronous Connection​
  • 1 x Dynamic IP​


1379 Monthly
  • SLA with Penalties​
  • 8 Business Hours Response Time​
  • 2nd Level Priority Sopport​
  • 1:1 Contention​
  • VERY High Fair Use Limits​
  • Upload Speed 30% of Download Speed​
  • PtMP / Asynchronous Connection​
  • Assigned Account Executive​
  • 1 x FREE Static IP​
  • 10 x FREE Hosted PBX Extensions​


Our Professional packages are perfectly suited for business use where uptime and service is of utmost importance to you. The Professional packages have (1) a higher upload speed, (2) is uncontended 1:1, (3) higher Fair Use notification thresholds, (4) a free static IP address, (5) you get priority 2nd-level support, (6) a higher Service Level Agreement (SLA) and time to repair with service credit penalties and (7) you get an assigned account manager to look after your account.

On the Express packages, your upload speed equals 10% of your max download speed. So on an Express 20Mbps package, your upload speed is 2Mbps. For businesses or higher upload speed requirements, our Professional packages upload speed equals 30% of your max download speed. On the Professional 50Mbps package, your upload speed is 15Mbps.

You can expect 8-15ms average latency from Johannesburg to servers in Johannesburg on the Network. This makes for excellent low latency gaming! We also have direct peering in Cape Town, Durban, London, Amsterdam and Frankfurt to make sure you get the best latency to local and international destinations.

The technology requires clear LoS (Line of Sight) between your roof mounted radio and one of our towers in your area. Enquire from one of our support agents  if there’s coverage at your location.

All Express package installations include a 4-port 10/100Mbps + 802.11ac (WiFi 5) router to offer full speed internet access and excellent indoor WiFi coverage. Professional packages include a Gigabit + 802.11ac (WiFi 5) router with more enterprise functionality. You are welcome to make use of your own PPPoE router if you prefer to.

We are always looking at ways to make the best possible internet access affordable for everyone. Because of the new improved hardware, a new customer installation costs us over R7 500 per installation. Instead of simply passing this total once-off cost on to customers, we ask for an equipment rental for installation and maintenance at this heavily subsidised rate.

We believe that the internet should be completely uncapped with no strings attached. To ensure that other users that abuse the network (downloading 24/7) does not negatively impact your internet speeds and experience, we have introduced Fair Use Notification thresholds on each package. Instead of shaping, throttling or disconnecting a user reaching these, ultra high, usage thresholds, we will simply notify them to reduce their data usage or upgrade to a package with a suitable Fair Use threshold. Should the user keep on exceeding these thresholds, 3Gi will give the customer one month notice of cancellation to protect the service of other users. Don’t worry, you should never reach even 50% of the Fair Use threshold under heavy internet use conditions.

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